Under Tata’s expert guidance and marketing strategy Jaguar Land Rover continuously making and breaking its own record. This financial Year too, 16% more sales recorded than last year.

In the financial year, 2016-17 Jaguar Land Rover records 604,009 units sales.
This is 16% more than the last year.
Only 4th quarter retail sales were of 179,509 units.

Last financial year had witnessed for many major changes like demonetization in India, a surprise Trump win and more. After all these hurdles Jaguar Land Rover got succeed to set its new high.

In just passed financial year Jaguar Land Rover makes sales of 604,009 units. Which is 16% up in chart than last financial year and its new record.

After acquisition by Tata, 2016-17 was the 7th consecutive successful year and pass the 600,00 no. barrier too. 179,509 is the last quarter selling no. and only in March 2017 this brand sale 90,838 unit. If we consider sales only of March 2017 than its 21% up by the March 2016.

In some overseas market obviously, sales go down by 6% but in some major markets this brand set new high year-by-year.
Markets in which brand makes new high are China (32%), North America (24%) and Europe (13%).

Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director said “The last 12 months have seen the launch of three completely new product lines, and successful growth across many of our existing products. Jaguar sales are still increasing strongly and Jaguar is now Europe’s fastest-growing car brand.”


Jaguar retailed record 172,848 unit this year which shows growth of 83% than the last year. Major demanded units of Jaguar are  F-PACE, XE and XF. In last quarter Jaguar retails of 53,972 units of vehicle and 27,820 units in March 2017, which is higher of 81 % and 83% respectively of last year’s same time period.

Jaguar Land Rover Discovery Autoretina

As like Jaguar, Land Rover too record remarkable sales figures. 431,161 units sold this financial year, which is 1% up than the last year. Discovery Sport, Evoque and Range Rover Sport were in strong demand. Sales of New Discovery starts from February and till Last of Financial Year 4.862 units were retailed.

Last quarter sales of Land Rover was down by 2.7% in comparison with last year. 125,537 units retailed in last quarter and only in March 2017, 63,018 units retailed which is 4.8% higher than the sales figures of March 2016.