A new 3 seater hypercar is next ongoing project by McLaren. They called it McLaren BP23. From their official twitter handle, they twitted about it and tries to find out the reaction. Tweet was

McLaren BP23


After the flagship F1, this will be another 3 seater car, and definitely, McLaren is excited about this project.

What we know about McLaren BP23

This will be a very special and limited edition car. The manufacturer will craft only 106 copy of this most powerful road creature by McLaren.

Limited edition BP23 will decorate with a hefty price tag of $2.5 million.

This is not only about the money. The company will also make sure that all deliveries will be to the deserving customer, who can take care of this enough.

BP23 buyer should already a McLeran owner and brand loyalty is most important requirement to buy this. Interested and qualified buyer have to pay a 5-Figure down payment.

These all was the requirement not now anymore because McLaren confirmed that all copy is sold already, even before announcing in public. If you are thinking about no. 106, why McLaren choose this no., then I tell you this the same no. of entire produced model of F1.

Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive CEO, said: ‘It will be the most powerful, most advanced hybrid powertrain we’ve ever done, inside a low-drag, super aero-efficient body: BP23 will be the fastest car we’ve ever made.’ This kind of statement by Mike Flewitt make this car very special. But for having a look of this project codename ‘BP23’ we could have to wait a bit longer and this car may be delivered to its rare customer sometime in 2019.

McLaren F1 is the legendary product by brand and F1 can touch the magical speed of 240mph, ‘BP23’ will so call most powerful McLaren that’s why we are expecting to overshadow this 240mph by this ongoing project.